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I am Monica, and I am glad to be here today to interview DJ Swykert who recently launched his new book, “The Pool Boy’s Beatitude”. So without further comments, I allow him to speak… Or write? 🙂

Hello David,

You are our leading Magic MasterMind, and I would like our readers to get to know more about your new book “The Pool Boy’s Beatitude”, so I want to welcome you and thank you for giving us this interview:

MMM – What was the inspiration that led you to write “The Pool Boy’s Beatitude”?

DJ Swykert – They say write about what you know. I know about addiction, have dealt with it most of my life. I was looking to write a story about how even the smartest of us on the planet deal with many of the same emotional and physical problems. Addiction is not a matter of intelligence, it’s a predisposition to a behavior and can afflict anyone. It was a very cathartic story for me to write.


MMM – Is there anything in your personal life reflected in this book?

DJ Swykert – I’ve always had a great curiosity about the physical world and our relationship to it. The universe isn’t all that complex, there are only 92 natural occurring elements in nature, and pb_cover_bigeverything in the infinite space we exist in is a composite of these elements. What’s complex isn’t what everything is made of, but what put them together, and holds them together. This is what drives Jack Joseph in my story, along with his continual problems with addiction.  The plot has some parallels to my own life, but the story is purely fictional.

MMM – Tell us how did you create Jack, this physicist crazy character?

DJ Swykert – I was a 911 operator in northern Michigan for ten years. Often, late at night on a weekday, there wouldn’t be a lot of activity. I used to research subjects online i.e. Deterministic Chaos Theory, cosmology of all sorts. I have an insatiable curiosity about what I don’t know. I’m very much like the proverbial: Jack of all trades, master of none. I know a little about a lot of things, physics theory being one I know perhaps even more than a little about. But I am not an academic, or a mathematician. I have trouble balancing my checkbook, but I have a good grasp of physics theory, what it can explain, and what it can’t, which is the basis for Jack’s character. Jack understands a lot of complicated things, but little about himself. That’s his learning lesson in the book.

MMM – This is a different book from your traditional crime and romance, what led you to make this turn?

DJ Swykert – Although I’ve written a couple of romance/adventure stories, and three mystery/crime novels, I do not consider myself a genre writer. I like to write about what interests me. I do think I may write a future crime story with a character, Raymond Little, that I’ve used in all three crime stories I’ve done. But I do not see any return of Jack Joseph. The Pool Boy’s Beatitude was a one time thing, kind of like a musician who has one hit record. There won’t be a sequel.

MMM – Does “The Pool Boy’s Beatitude” have something in common with you as his creator?

DJ Swykert – We both deal with addictive behaviors and are curious. I’m not proud of it, but both of us have spent some time in jail. I feel it was time well spent for me, and Jack, a catalyst for making change in my life. I believe the chapters of the book that deal with Jack’s incarceration is some of the best writing I have ever done. And is based on real experience.

MMM – How is a DJ Swykert’s day?

DJ Swykert – I get up fairly early in the morning and wake up by reading the morning newspaper in bed. I usually catch up on my correspondence in the morning and work on writing projects through the morning. In the afternoon I take care of anything I need to do, and I make dinner. I enjoy cooking. I like to watch House Hunters before bed, it’s tame and about normal life, it’s better than a sleeping pill for getting me to nod off.

MMM – Is there anything else coming from DJ Swykert in the future?

DJ Swykert – I’ve been working on another novel, about a retired soldier/cop who retreats to a mountain cabin after his wife dies looking to rekindle his zest for life. He begins feeding a pack of young wolves who are also struggling to survive.  I’m also working on some short fiction, and looking to publish some short stories and maybe put together a collection of them I’ve published in the past.

MMM – Where can our readers purchase your book?

DJ Swykert – It can be ordered through any bookstore, or purchased direct from:

MMM – Is there anything else you would like to add?

DJ Swykert – I’ve enjoyed doing the interview. I’m gabby.




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