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DJ Swykert

When I first got the book, I was like a kid, waiting for the time to start reading. When I finally finished work that day and was able to start reading it, I found really hard to stop reading it.

The main character is Ray, what a man! Ray is a man who really knows how to react in life for sure. He is a strong yet smart man who has had a tough life, consequently he is a tough man with a very particular sense of justice.
Parsons is a mob. Jude St. Onge is an addict who took a bunch of parsons dope, and ran away leaving her daughter Angelina who is kidnapped by Parsons, and her mother, Arianna, is brutally killed in front of the girl in order to get a bunch of dope back from Jude. This man, Jude, found Ray by chance, and this became a fact that saved her daughter’s life. Jude may be killed, that is for you to discover reading the book, but Ray will make sure Angelina gets a better life.

Ray paid the kidnapper mob, Parsons, with the same coin by kidnapping his children. two lovely boys who actually never realized they were kidnapped and Ray was their father’s enemy, They were actually the “Children of the Enemy”. Once he got Angelina back, he will deliver back the boys, but Ray will also make sure that Parsons doesn’t hurt any other girl again.

I won’t tell you the end, I will just state that it is unexpected. I liked it… I strongly recommend “Children of the Enemy” if you like to read good thriller stories, this is one the best thrillers I have ever read.

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