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My mother’s family is the typical Mexican Catholic family; this environment is not easy to women who want to grow professionally and spiritually.

Being members of the OpusDei, women are technically objects. I have dozens of nieces and nephews that I don’t even know because their parents are not allowed to use any preconception treatment or device. Catholic Church may have accepted the use of condoms, but not OpusDei.

My mother dreamed of me wearing a white wedding dress, having children and taking care of the house; she dedicated to raising me to be a good wife, to be respectful to my husband, she introduced me to the boys she considered were the right ones for me. But my plans were different, I wanted to work and become financially independent. I didn’t want my fate to be decided by any men.

I was not allowed to drive, I was not allowed to go to college, from the family perspective there was no need to waste my time studying if my future was to be at home. It was not that I didn’t want to have a family; it was that I didn’t want to have it that way.

My wedding was arranged after I told them I was pregnant, no one asked us if we wanted to get married, of course the marriage failed and a few months after my baby was born we divorced against the will of everyone in the family.

I was rejected by the family and by my mother. So I decided to leave and build a life with my son. If I was a man, things would have been very different.

My mother told me that I was crazy, that no one would hire me; that no one would want to marry me because I have a son; however, I got a good job and I realize my own worth. It was hard in a beginning, but the reward has been very gratifying.

Today my life is full of blessings, my son is successful and he has given me a beautiful grandson. I have my own marketing firm, I have plans and goals. I am financially independent and I have a relationship with a great man.

I have never approached the Catholic Church again, and I don’t think I would do it. I have my very own beliefs and concept of a God who wants us to be happy and to enjoy life with love and harmony. I don’t need a Church to tell me that.

This is my story, so one of my purposes in life is to support women that want to grow spiritually and professionally. I always tell every woman to be always independent. We are women! We can run a home, have kids, have a husband, and a job.

Thanks to #womenslives and the post shared this week “I’m a woman in America, and I wasn’t allowed to drive” that helped me sharing this. 🙂


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