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Monique Paul

Monique Paul


By Monique Paul

Today I was chilling around on Facebook when I saw Martha Beck’s Live post; she was talking about her article The Storm Before the Calm. I have to tell you that I related to it since the first time I read it.

Along my life I have had more than one radical, yet positive change; each of them preceded by a Whirlwind.

In the live post, Martha explained that when we can identify the storm, we know calm and the change we asked for will come; but, how do we survive along the storm?

She also explained that we would have lots of negative thoughts she called ants, and we should squish them and throw them away, but she advised to find our ‘boat of truth’ that idea that would make us feel safe. It is not a place, our boat of truth is us, and there is something that supports it.

As I listened to Martha’s word one idea came to my mind. Choux, she was my boat of truth. Every time I was feeling this turmoil of the storm, I would cuddle with my little Choux.choux

Choux was a kitty that lived with me for almost 20 years; from her first day to her last, we were together. But Choux wasn’t a pet. She was my friend, my companion, and at times, she was, and still is my support.

Choux would always be there, when I had financial worries I didn’t want to mention to my son, when I had an emotional crisis, when I was unemployed, when I was hurt by a boyfriend, when I was sick. She would always go and cuddle with me; she would put her paw on my shoulder or my leg letting me know she was there. Her unconditional love and peace helped me going through several storms, and now I realize that “My Tiny Love Teacher” is nothing but a compilation of some of these storms.

Thinking about all that love and care makes me understand where is my Boat of Truth.

Since last year, I have been asking for changes in my life, major changes. I understand that for this creation to take place; “the first thing to happen is the destruction of the existing order,” using Martha’s words.

So, to go through the storm, I just need my fly swatter or shall I call it ant swatter? And my Boat of Truth. That’s it! I’m ready to set sail. Dreams of mine, here I go!

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