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My Tiny Love Teacher

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My Tiny Love Teacher

My Tiny Love Teacher is a novel based on real life events. Arianna was out of the city when she is informed her beloved kitty Choux is dying just a few days before her twentieth birthday.

To Arianna, Choux is not only a pet, Choux is part of her family and also her friend. Arianna takes the first available flight back home to be with darling Choux in her last minutes of life. While traveling Arianna remembers and tells us all these experiences, laughter and tears she and her son have shared with Choux and Sheila, her son Alex’s Doberman.

Coming from a dysfunctional family where she suffered psychological abuse and mistreatment for years, Arianna desperately searches for the way to give her son a happy and harmonious life full of love. With Choux Arianna learned to experience the unconditional love, compassion, and forgiveness that would help her give her son the life she wants and her professional success.

Choux came to Arianna’s life just at the right time, when she was ready to learn, to apply her wisdom and to make significant changes in her life. Little Choux was herself a miracle of life.

For nearly twenty years, Arianna learned from Choux. She learned to live in the present; she learned that she could materialize all her desires with the complicity of the universe, and she learned that the true source of abundance is within.

Being blessed with a loving son and pets, Arianna applied the wisdom she learned from her darling Choux day by day achieving the harmonious life she longed to have. This harmony allowed her to raise her son in the healthy environment full of love, happiness and understanding raising him to be a happy father and successful man.

My Tiny Love Teacher will make you cry and laugh, will make you reject abuse; and will get you look at your pet in a whole different way. Who knows, if you don’t have a pet, then you might want to go to a shelter to adopt a Tiny Love Teacher that won’t do anything but give you love and gratefulness.

Choux was real, and she is now a little guardian angel and a “Tiny Love Teacher”.

Tell me… Do you have a Tiny Love Teacher in your home?

Chapter 1 – I Was Blessed With a Little Angel, a Miracle of Love

I am grateful to be so fortunate to be able to give and receive massive amounts of love, and actually, I didn’t even know I was doing it.
I was on a crusade looking for the love of my life. I was convinced that I would find the man for me and that kind of love that would make me feel complete.

February the fifth I traveled to San Antonio to visit Armand, a man that I met and that was apparently fulfilling my needs. Armand was a highly educated man, with good taste, a gentleman, and an entrepreneur. The kind of man that would call the attention of almost every woman.

I thought I was having a good time with him, I was trying to make up my mind about that and put myself together with him when Miriam sent me a message, my precious Choux was sick.

Choux was my princess, the cat I bottle fed and raised from the first day of her life almost twenty years ago. It was March 15, 1996; my friend’s cat died while giving birth, only three from the five kittens made it out of the mother cat’s womb. The vet said it would be very hard for the kittens to survive, but it was like that this white kitten was calling my name. I took the tiny kitten home and took care of her around the clock. I called her Choux because she was like one of these white cream French pastries, soft and fluffy.

I made a tiny bed like a little nest for her to sleep beside me where I could look after her at night, I made her a little blanket to cover her and keep her warm at night. I bottle fed her every two hours around the clock.

She was a tiny ball of fur. One day I was feeding her when I saw a little dark line between her eyelids. My Choux was opening her eyes for the very first time. She was nine days old. Then she became a tiny white ball of fur with big blue eyes. She only had dark rings in her tail like the raccoons and her nose was pale pink.

Her meows were so tiny that it was hard to hear her, but she was talkative from the very beginning. She used to stretch herself showing her tiny toes like little pink jelly beans.

Choux was growing, and when she could move a bit more, I could hardly sleep; she used to go to sleep on my pillow or with me under the covers, and I was afraid of hurting her, so I used to put her back into her bed. I put her bed into a box, this would keep her warm and would prevent her from coming out at night, but she always would find the way to end up on my pillow.

Four weeks later, the vet said that the kitten survival was a miracle. A pure act of love and dedication.

As Choux grew up, she became an independent kitten, but she always liked to have me near to her at least where she could see me. I used to work from home, I purchased cushions that I put all over the house for her to take her naps always with me in the kitchen, the office, the living room, the TV room. She didn’t like to be alone.

She was eight weeks old when she decided it would be a good idea always to walk with me along the house. From that day on I had little Choux walking between my feet with me or climbing my legs, that was painful. After twelve weeks she was already running in the yard and playing with her tiny ball.

Choux turned into a gorgeous cat that liked to sleep her naps and to sleep at night with me. Being at home, pay attention to her was easy. She had a cushion on my desk where she would nap while I was working. At noon we used to have lunch outside in the back yard. Choux loved to play there; take the sun, play with the little insects, chase the lizards; everything was a toy.

Choux developed a distinct personality. She was usually friendly with people and very talkative when people were visiting, as well as when I was on the phone and conducting my online meetings.

It was so funny when my boss would say, “Hello Choux. Good morning.”

And Choux would reply, “Meoooow.”

Choux turned out to become the queen of the house. She was a healthy, cute, and playful kitten. But she was also very loving.

Every night she would come to sleep on the bed and put her little paw on my shoulder after rubbing my cheek. The meaning was that she wanted a goodnight kiss; then she would purr until falling asleep.

Every morning when opening my eyes, the first thing I would see was her little face and nose almost touching mine, I didn’t need an alarm, I had Choux.

I realized that a lot of people around me liked her a lot, almost all my friends would talk to her and pet her every time they visited. I was very fortunate to have this kitten with me, not only she was filling my life with love but she was also showing me the worth of friendship and loyalty.


That morning when Miriam told me Choux was sick my first impulse was to take the first flight back home. So I started packing.
“Miriam, please call Carol, her phone is written on the fridge door. No! I’ll call her! Please don’t leave Choux alone,” I begged Miriam.

“Okay, let me know if Ms. Carol is coming,” Miriam said.

I finished the call and dialed Carol; she picked up. “I’m at a congress, is something wrong with Choux?” She asked.

“Yes! She is sick!” I said. “Miriam told me so this morning, I’m in San Antonio, but I am taking the first flight back home. Could you please check on her?”

“Of course! Send me Miriam’s phone number and I will call her right away.”

“Thank you!” I said, and I sent Carol a What’s App message with Miriam’s phone number, and then another text message to Miriam.

“Carol will call you.”

“Yes, the phone is ringing now,” was Miriam’s reply.

I closed my bag.

“Armand, darling, I’m ready, let’s go to the airport please.”

He didn’t say a word, he just took my bag and headed to the garage. I could hear the car engine starting. He opened the door, and I climbed into the black SUV.

“We can make it, hon.” He said. “You’ll be on time to see Choux. We still have two hours before the next flight departs, and this is a twenty minutes’ drive. The airline guy on the phone told me there are places in that flight.”

Armand took the highway and fortunately there was no traffic to slow us down.

“I’m sorry I have to go,” I said.

“It’s okay, hon, I understand what Choux means to you. She is old and sick; I wouldn’t expect you to leave her alone. Let’s catch that plane. I don’t know what it is about that cat, but she knows how to gain everyone’s heart. She has this vibe that makes us all love her.”

Armand was right; Choux had this gift to touch the heart of everyone around her. All my friends loved her, even workers as the plumber would pet her and tell me how cute she was.

I turned to see the cars on the highway, and I remembered…

My Tiny Love Teacher made me remember my pets, the ones that left and the ones that are still alive. They give you a lot more love than the love you give to them.
I loved the book and I hope there is a second part. Is Monique adopting another cat?

Silvia Ramirez de Aguilar – Amazon

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