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Step-by-Step Guide to Develop a WordPress Website Like a Pro!

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Step-by-Step Guide to Develop a WordPress Website Like a Pro!


Hi! I am a writer and a marketer. Of course, my first website was created by a developer, but one day he disappeared from this universe. When I decided to reinvent my marketing firm, I realized I needed to reinvent my website as well. I surfed the Internet and found hundreds of thousands of websites and blogs with different styles, some of them very fancy, others quite straight forward and friendly.

I was overwhelmed by dozens of designers and developers offering to create my website, to add SEO, etc. Too many offers for a too-small budget. And worse, I would have to depend on a developer. Again. I didn’t want that!
I had to continue publishing my client’s PRs on the Press Center area of my website or my business would be doomed! So I had to figure out how to work with WordPress.

I searched for instructions and manuals here and there; I found a lot. But most importantly, I discovered that WordPress is the EASIEST WEB PLATFORM for NON-TECHNICAL people like ME, and probably YOU!

WordPress would allow me to simply get a hosting service and be able to manage my domains, my websites. Everything! And most importantly, I wouldn’t be depending on anyone. I found in WordPress the door to Power and Independence in the Internet.
Same as you are right now; I was within a sniff distance to becoming an INDIE WEB DEVELOPER, YAY!

After happily succeeding with my and six more websites, I decided it was about time to share my experience. So, here I am. I wrote this guide to help non-technical people, like me, to create a website Step-By-Step. It considers not only the technical aspects, or the SEO, but also the content, the marketing, everything!


Your Roadmap to Success

Having a website is more than a trend. A good website may attract your target markets and clients. A well developed and functional website will help you build a community of clients, readers, and people interested in what you have to say.

Whether we’re individuals—maybe as coaches, or artists or writers—or have a startup, small or midsize company, we all have a message to communicate. We all need a website to be part of the global community, same as the corporations and governments. However, it’s a fact that we have lower budgets and fewer resources. Most of us don’t have a team of professional developers and designers to help us.
Nowadays websites have a lot of small features that turn them into productive marketing tools: contact and registration forms, landing pages, interactive chat, e-Commerce, SEO, and many others. Some are visible to the visitor, others are invisible but collect information and provide you with valuable facts about your website’s performance and your visitors’ behavior. Therefore, developing a website could be quite simple, but it involves a lot of considerations.
Think of your website as a puzzle with many different pieces that you need to put together to achieve a final consistent whole. It is intended to transmit your message and be receptive to your customers’ needs.
Building your site will require a group of different skills derived from the different pieces that put the site together: design, content writing, technical development, marketing, etc.
Having a roadmap to follow improves your opportunities to succeed and helps you to achieve your expected result.
I won’t tell you that you’ll have your WordPress site running in a couple of hours. But you can certainly develop your website like a Pro!

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