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Monique Paul

Monique Paul


By Monique Paul, Copyright, September 2016

This story is dedicated to my friend Yashaswi @Jiyo4life

Once upon a time, there was a boy named Timmy, he was always telling his father he was big and responsible enough to help him seeding the fields.

One day, Timmy’s father needed to go to the town urgently and at the same time, he had to go seeding one of the fields. So he called Timmy.

“Timmy, you always tell me you are responsible and big enough to help me seeding the fields. Today I need help. Would you seed sunflowers field for me?” The father asked.

He replied happily.

“Yes, Dad! I can seed the field.”

The father gave Timmy a bag with seeds.

“You have to seed the field before it starts raining, Timmy. So go now, the rain will feed the seeds once they are in the soil.”

“Yes, Dad,” Timmy said taking the bag with seeds carefully.

That morning Timmy walked to the field, he was about to cross a stream of water when he saw a group of ants struggling to cross the stream; they were trying to build up a bridge. But the water was too fast for them.

“This will take me just 10 minutes.” He thought.

Then he started building a bridge with leaves and some stones. The ants were very grateful. They happily crossed to the other side. But then Timmy realized he had delayed two hours, not ten minutes, and it was about to rain.

He turned to take the bag of seeds, and he found out it was almost empty.

“What happened to the seeds? Where are they? My Dad will never trust me again.” Timmy thought.ants-with-seeds

Timmy felt an ant walking on his leg; it was trying to show him something, so with nothing left to lose Timmy followed the ant to the other side of the stream. As he was walking he could see an endless line of ants walking towards the field, each ant was carrying a seed.

Timmy smiled, he ran back and took the rest of the seeds; then teaming with the ants, they finished seeding the field just in time because it was starting to rain.

The warm rain watered the field and soon the little sprouts were visible. Timmy’s father was so proud of him.

“You have shown me you are big and responsible enough to help me seeding the fields Timmy, I am proud of you,” his father said.

Timmy smiled and told his father how the ants helped him after he helped them crossing the stream.

Timmy’s Dad smiled.

“You have learned the Law of Karma, son: What you give, you receive. You gave help and love to the ants; you received the same in return from them. You make me two times proud, my son.”

Timmy hugged his Dad, who hugged him in return.

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