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Monique Paul

Monique Paul


Dy’Al is a creature of the night, fat and without a visible neck, with short and thick arms and legs that she moves heavily, her trunk is like a big ball where her chest, her hips, and her waist can’t really be differentiated. Her skin has the same teal color as Bukureyan highly contrasting with her bright red eyes and her yellow and orange jester outfit.

Her thick nose moves and frowns when she talks. Her big and yellow front teeth come out of her mouth, and it seems that she is always biting her lip. Her hair is like a thin cotton ball surrounding her head, but not covering it completely. Despite her clownish appearance; Dy’Al is a mean and wicked being.

Even though she is not so intelligent, she is always looking for the opportunity to climb on everyone’s back she can trying to manipulate even Bukureiyan, who usually kicks her ass away from his presence; and have her as a jester in his court.

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