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Yesterday I added the Part 1 of this post about Twitter. To update those who didn’t read it, last week I attended the @OPENForum, it was a delightful experience full of new ideas to apply to help women entrepreneurs to grow our business.

In the Twitter lab, the experts from Twitter shared a lot of tips and tricks and also helped us finding new benefits inside our own Twitter account. I can tell that there were free benefits that I am starting to use.

Yesterday I shared some of the tips and tricks, here are some more:

  • Optimize for ease and validity.
  • Start a conversation: Tweets from advertisers who reply get 18% more engagement.
  • Talk with the costumers and not at them
  • Track and measure your results then replicate the content that works
  • #Simplify! Don’t over think it.
  • Create a story for your costumers in more than one tweet and engage them in following you
  • Work on inspiring moments, like eating your favorite chocolate or about your favorite movie
  • Moments are happiness, share them!
  • Encourage users and followers to retweet your content and to favorite it too
  • Give and take, be supportive and retweet your costumers tweets they may be entrepreneurs as well
  • Follow and share humanitarian causes
  • It’s not how small your business is but how big you can show it to the world
  • Lead generation card is free! Check it out!

This is fabulous, and so easy, isn’t it? There are so many ways and tools we can use to improve our business development and increase our revenue! Don’t miss the Pinterest Lab, I will share my notes with you, it was awesome!

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