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I have tried almost all the social media, and no doubt my favorite is Twitter. It is a tool that certainly can change your business. The other day, I attended a Twitter Lab @OPENForum and I learned tips and tricks that I easily help leveraging the communication with our audience.

Twitter is about collaboration and conversation. It considers many attributes of the human psychological response to this internet era. For example: Considering the huge amount of information flowing in your mobile device, and even in the streets, it is very likely that you will have a better reaction to concise capsules of information. This means few words with meaningful images. Twitter is for sure the king of this.

Below some other tips that I am sure you will find very useful. The list is long, so I divided it in two parts:

  • Authenticity is key. Your twitter presence must be authentic and trustful
  • To grow the followers’ base and keep them following you, integration with your website is a must as well as with other social media accounts.
  • Collaborate, use hashtags, the most relevant to your business. Be present in the conversation
  • Have a content strategy: Engage with the moment, use selfies.
  • Topics of conversations: use the search engine in Twitter to search for the most appealing words of the day/week and use them in your conversation
  • Align your content: 80% should focus on driving interactions 20% to inform about your activities: website, promos, and all things that add value.
  • Create a content counter: Play with your content, order it, same with your promos, this is like an editorial calendar that may be supported with postings in your blog
  • Keep it short. Believe it or not, less than 100 characters equals 18% more engagement according to Twitter Lab
  • You don’t have to say it all, develop cadence with your touts, this will help you enabling a continuous attention to your tweets.
  • Tweets with website cards have 43% more engagement
  • Balance your content, info, hashtags, website
  • Make it visual, tweets with rich media give up to 313% more engagement
  • Get to know your audience, it is huge for sure. Customize your content according to your audience.
  • Reciprocate, follow back

These are just part of the tips I got in that awesome event. Tomorrow I will give you some more, but I am trying to keep it short for better results.

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