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By Monica Paul, Magic MasterMinds,

Write and publish your News Releases like a Journalist and be Found!

Writing a story, either short or long and writing a press release are quite different things, but applying SEO to the news releases sometimes becomes a real challenge.

In the past, news releases or press releases served to inform the journalist about a specific activity or announcement from a company; where the goal was to get a printed news in the selected target media. Thanks to the internet this has changed, and now the “job one” for publicity seekers is make sure that when a journalists types in keywords related to their business or industry, they are right there at the top of the rankings.

Authors who are looking to publicize their books should consider this; actually the news releases are powerful tools that they may use to tell bloggers and journalists when they launch their books to the market, or when they have a twitter-for-businesses-specific announcement like a second edition for example.

Today, there is a vast amount of media and journalists, all of them looking for fresh information to feed their stories; all media are trying to reach their target reader interest. This is an opportunity area for writers who just have to get their press releases indexed and highly ranked by the major search engines.

Here some tips & tricks to have your news release well-indexed to grab the attention of the journalists in their search journeys:

  1. Get links back to your website and, of course, return the favor.

  2. Feature you website address in all your news releases and articles

  3. Use as many relevant keywords related to your industry or topic as you can in your text without missing the text fluency; and relate all this content in your website.

  4. Make sure your website is “active”, this is that you have a blog where you are posting regularly, be an active collaborator in the internet.

  5. Make sure your content is news worthy.

  6. Use the SEO tools in your website

It would be very nice if you have some personal approach with the target journalists, this may increase their interest in your information.

And, yes, your website / blog has an important role in your PR efforts. Give some time and even budget to it. I’d always suggest having a professional website developed, it will pay back for sure.

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