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By Monica Paul, Magic Masterminds and Marcomtec

I got an email from BlogHer this morning giving a suggested topic for today’s NaBloPoMo post. Unfortunately, it was too late when I saw it, I already had my post published about the review of a book of my dear friend and novelist DJ Swykert.

The topic suggested is so interesting that I decided to write my November 4th post about it. But I did a little tweak, instead of imagining a pitch to get my attention, I want to share some tips that I have used to get the attention on what I have to say.

How many times, we entrepreneurs, have tried to have our pitch listened, considered, published, etc? I can bet you will respond “Many! Many times!” Yes, me too! After several years doing this for me and for my clients, I have come to some tips that have been very useful to me:

  1. Even though your objective is your firm’s growth, it is important to have multiple pitches for different profiles; your pitch can’t be the same for clients, than for investors, or for readers… so, what does your target want to know? That is what your pitch is about.
  2. Take some time to put yourself into the shoes of the person I am pitching to. What does this person would want from me that beyond taking his/her attention; would fulfill her objectives and even make her/his work easier? What problem am I solving? What benefit am I giving? Is this of the agent interest? Is it profitable?
  3. Make it attractive, everyone wants to invest or be a part of something that is working. Agents are interested in publishing a story everyone want to read. Investors want to put their money where they see it will come back with profit.
  4. Show your passion and share it, make it contagious with your pitch.
  5. Make your pitch big, make it stand out. Make people ask about what you are doing.
  6. Fit yourself into the target interest. If a journalist, what does she/he publishes about, which topics are of their interest? If an agent, is your story the kind of story she/he wants to work with, does it look like a good business?
  7. Understand who you are talking to, show we have done a little research about the journalist/agent/investor makes it easier and also they would appreciate because you are showing interest.

Number seven is magic, so I hope these seven tips can make some magic with your pitching. Good luck in getting the attention you want to address your goals. Until tomorrow and the next NaBloPoMo post.

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