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This Monday I attended the CEO Boot Camp – @OPENForum – I really loved the social media panels and the messages they shared with all of us.

Social media may be over whelming, but it’s definitely a key tool to highlight your business. Every business is turning to social media, whether it is small or big. It really doesn’t matter if you are turning your hobby into a small business that you want to run from home to get some extra money – why not? – Or if you are the MCO in a huge public corporation.

They gave us their advice, and here are three DO’s and three DON’Ts about how to handle your social media to leverage your business:


  • No matter which social media you choose to use, or the combination of platforms you decide to use, always be very coherent and specific with your costumers, highlight who you are and what you do. Describe your products or services briefly but very well focused in your costumer’s interests, and add pictures that clearly give an image of your business and of yourself
  • Use links, and images. If you are going into social media it is because you have a website or a blog, there are so many tools to quickly and easily develop yours, making it really appealing for your audience. Remember the old say: An image tells a thousand words. Images will make your content more attractive and appealing to your costumers. Link everything to your website or blog, share links as well
  • Give individuality to your conversation, you are talking with people who is interested in what you are doing and saying


  • One strategy for all the platforms. All the platforms are great but their profiles are completely different, same as their audience, so the conversation in each one is different
  • Never give your products or opinions one single interest, be flexible and open, your audience may give them more than one use. For example, coconut oil is not only used for cooking…
  • Never use an anonymous profile. Your audience wants to know who they are talking with, who is offering them this or that product or service

Social media indeed have a key role in your business mostly because this is the easiest way to publicize your products and services without the need of huge investments.

Social media are a matter of choosing the correct channels and developing the correct content; this means your content and social media strategy may become the secret to boost your business without limit. Let’s go for it!


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