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Hi girls! Happy Friday!

I have been writing about marketing and social media this week, I joined the NaBloPoMo and… Well, I write about what I know and what I think I can share and that may be useful to you, the ones who are reading all this.

But you know, social media are a science, and measurement is the only way to know if we are doing things well. Or if it is time to step back and give a fresh restart to what we have been doing.

I’m a passionate marketing consultant and business owner helping businesses to turn marketing challenges into opportunities. Marketing is about telling good stories. And social media marketing is about getting costumers to tell them for you and to you.

I really believe that a hand full of engaged readers are exponentially more valuable that a giant quiet community. A priority task to me then is to identify them and enclose the contact and communication with them, which is exactly what I am trying to do.

So, after this first week, I want to ask you if you have found my articles interesting and useful.

Is my content giving you something useful?

Do you think I am applying enough empathy to my entrepreneur colleagues?

Would any of you be interested in interacting and having an experience exchanging more in depth information about these marketing topics?

I am really very interested in enhancing my writing and sharing with you all the best of what I can give and to learn from you as well.

Is there anything you would like to suggest?

Please let me know, you opinion means silver and gold to me!

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