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Today, October 10th 2013, the best seller author Laurence O’Bryan is launching his new book “Manhattan Puzzle” And here in Magic MasterMinds we are very proud to have this first interview about it as an exclusive. No doubt it is another successful puzzle.

MMM – What was the inspiration that led you to write “Manhattan Puzzle”?

LOB – Manhattan is the main inspiration. After that it was the financial crisis on Wall Street and the wrong doing that was uncovered.LOBIstanbul2012sq

MMM – Is there anything in your personal life reflected in your books?

LOB – Yes, I am always searching for something.

MMM – Tell us about other books, please. The other “Puzzles”…

LOB – I have two other published novels. The Istanbul Puzzle and The Jerusalem Puzzle. They are set in the cities of their titles and are about Sean and Isabel’s continuing adventures in those cities, as they uncover a global conspiracy.

MMM – Can you please tell us about a normal day of yours? Your place to write, your activities, the facts around you that give you ideas for your writing…

LOB – I do social media in the early morning for 2 hours. I also eat and look at news sites then! I write for 3 hours. And in the afternoon I help other writers, editing, social media and strategy.

MMM – Tell us a little bit about you, please.

LOB – I was born and raised in Dublin. I lived for ten years in London and now I am back in Dublin. I am married. I have been fired from a lot of jobs. Mainly for speaking up, but also when things got tough.

fincoverMMM – You are launching “Manhattan Puzzle” now. Is another Puzzle coming in the future? Is it something different?

LOB – I still don’t know when the next one will be published.

MMM – Where can our readers purchase “Manhattan Puzzle”?

LOB – On Amazon, on iTunes and all the other devices. See:

MMM – Is there anything else you would like to add?

LOB – These are adventure books, with romance and mystery elements. They also take a shot at the establishment. I hope you like them.

Thank you very much Laurence for sharing your time with your readers. “Manhattan Puzzle” may be got from the Magic Store.

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