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By Monica Paul, Magic MasterMinds

Reading “Savage Payback” has been an adventure itself. I have to accept, even though it was hard to do it, I took it easy, I read it slowly and digested it with all its complexities and characters. Seumas is indeed a gifted writer; the story was so real, that sometimes it was as if the scenes were developing in front of me.

Let me give you a brief, and you will know what I talk about…Savage03-1

The story begins with a violent jewelry robbery taking place, the explosion killed a lot of innocent people, and of course there are individuals more interested in the stones, than in the tragedy itself. The explosions took place in London, and it is, of course a multimillionaire attack.

The police is running their investigations, and the characters start to be presented, each one with a very defined personality. Mae Ling called my attention because she is intelligent, beautiful, intuitive, courageous, and very feminine; an interesting mix, that I would describe as powerful. She is Jack Calder’s wife and she goes though a lot of situations along the story… (aha! 😉 not telling); but none of them achieved to break her spirit. Read “Savage Payback” to see how her intervention leads to fundamental clues in this international case. You really will love meeting Mae Ling.

Jack Calder is in an urge to solve this mess. The robbery is beyond the stones as an international group of mobs dealing with cocaine is involved. A drug leader in Mexico, a well known drug operation center in the real life, becomes an key character as he is believed to be directly related to this international operation.

Jules, another intriguing an complex character, travels to Mexico, together with DEA, Cy is in charge there in north Mexico; they have an impressive operation with an interesting yet realistic outcome. While they are there, the mobs are having activity also in Istambul and Dakkar at the other side of the world. What does Ahmed Fadi has to do with all this?

The mobs are powerful, and a lot of action is in store, more valuable lives will be lost, lives of agents who sacrifice themselves on behalf of the worldwide well being.

Jack will come to his conclusions, and the end of the story is really shocking involving a savage payback. Seumas couldn’t have given this story a better title.

My reviews are usually more analytic than giving a brief of the story, and of course I will never, ever tell you the ending, that is for you to read. What I can tell you indeed is that “Savage Payback” is a book to be purchased and read/enjoyed.

This idea just popped up in my mind. Sometimes we have relatives and friends in other cities or even countries. An eBook makes a great Christmas gift! So, why not sending Savage Payback? I would do it… I actually have it in my list.



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