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I was given a promo copy of this short book and was really pleased reading it. I enjoyed the descriptions and the autobiographical style. I felt like sitting with this mythological warrior to listen to his adventures, one these kind of stories that one never gets tired of reading. This is the kind of story that stimulates the readers’ imagination to vividly experiment every adventure and scene in it.

I found in this story a mix of adventure, mythology, romance, and suspense; I strongly recommend it as a relaxing reading that is always enjoyed. During the six myths, I was transported to a medieval land mixed with a fantasy world. The pace along the six myths is agile, from the arrival of the American pilot to this fantastic world up to the end. Additionally, I found Astarte a fascinating woman joining sweetness of a romantic woman, with the strength of a warrior and the intelligence of a leader. I strongly recommend “The City of the Mirage” it is a book that is hardly put down.

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