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I’ve just finished reading Black Roses, written by Jenn Brink. I had such a good time reading it. To be honest, I took my time and enjoyed reading it slowly, page by page. Jessie Hart is a young woman like many other, she likes malls, stores, nice shoes; she concerns about her manicure and takes good care of her appearance.

She’s engaged, and like many others she’s been cheated. But hers is not a typical cheating case; she goes through an adventure that becomes also and a life experience. I won’t tell you the end, instead I’d encourage you to read “Black Roses” up to the end.

While reading, I made up more than one ending in my mind; but never the one Jenn wrote. I was unexpected, yet logical according to all what Jessie lived.

I’m sure that many women reading Black Roses will identify with Jessie at some point, she is a normal woman, who showed courage, and was always willing to be in charge of her own life, despite of the circumstances and all the people around her.

I invite you to get a copy of”Black Roses”, I am sure that you will enjoy it! Good work Jenn! 🙂

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