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Yesterday I finished reading ANTics, a lovely story written by Dakota Douglas. During my reading I found myself immersed in a huge garden, maybe not so huge for us humans, but enormous for the tiny habitANTS of InhabitANT, a colony of lovely ants. I won’t tell you the story, because I want you and your kids to read it.

Instead I can tell you that ANTics is the kind of story that children should be reading in schools and at home. In this world full of violence, we have these three courageous ANTS showing love and kindness to each other and in general to their environment. Of course they are curious, and they are learning.


The story shows situations that kids live in their everyday lives, at school and with friends. Their classmates’ and neighbors’ different personalities and how a friendly and respectful environment helps them to become strong and rightful individuals. We would all like our kids to grow up and live in a world like this.

ANTics is a story that amuses but also teaches and gives a life lesson of kindness and respect to each other, which is very important in a society where we listen everyday about wars and children suffering bullying or as slaves.

ANTics is a neat story that shows the value of friendship and team work, as the counter part of selfishness and bad intentions.

But it goes beyond and it ends with a sweet activity that encourages kids to be creative, and to fly high with their imagination.

Dakota, dear.I’m an adult woman, but this is more tempting that a chocolate cake whenI’m in a diet. I would call him ExcelANT. Below my news release!

InhabitANT’s Hero is Called ExcelANT!

Today is a celebration day for all our InhabitANTS. Once again all our valiANTS warriors worked together as a team to defend us all against the evil. We have a hero, who demonstrated that a courageous soul may reside in all of us. Reason why we call him ExcelANT from now on.

I won’t say anything else. Instead, I invite YOU my dear reader to purchase ANTics as a gift for your children and enjoy reading it together with them. When you finish reading you’ll understand, and I’m sure you will love doing what I’ve just done.

Get ANTics here!


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