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A Sweat Street Review

This is the kind of book I like to read with a coffee or even a glass of wine and no interruptions at all.

Yuki is a street girl, she is experienced enough to handle herself safely. She is just doing her work when she witnessed an event that changes her life abruptly.

From being a just a girl doing her work, she becomes a fugitive and the prey of the most dangerous people, a corrupted policeman. This means she can’t go to the police station and tell what she’s seen.

This corrupted policeman will do whatever and kill whoever to get to Yuki and shut her mouth permanently. But she is taken with Ray, a singular character that will take care of her thoughtfully.

A world of drug dealers, prostitutes and all kind of criminals including policemen is the scenery where this story takes place.

The story is one of those that will make you read and read until the end. Each character has a perfectly defined personality; the language and the pace perfectly fit the story and the characters.

The ending is so unexpected! I simply loved it! I won’t tell it to you, of course I won’t! What I can tell you is that you will want to read more of this girl.

D.J. Swykert is an author who has created a set of characters that go from one story to the other. Ray for example, is a character you will find in “Children of the Enemy” and now in Sweat Street. Ray is a complex character; one of those men that would make you love him and hate him at the same time.  He is a good person, but his way of making things are maybe a little awkward.

In Sweat Street Ray is a key character to preserve Yuki’s life, a protector? Yes indeed!

I invite you to go to Amazon, iTunes, Barnes & Nobel , or Kobo to get Sweat Street. You won’t regret you did.


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