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By Monica Paul

One way or another DJ Swykert always finds the way to keep the reader at the edge of the couch, whether it is romance, adventure or crime, it becomes really hard to stop reading.

In this story, DJ takes the reader along a serial murder case, where the Detroit detective Bonnie Benham is in charge of a case that touches anyone’s heart. A serial killer whose victims are teenage girls! One of these depraved individuals who DJ Swykertare sick enough to attack little girls in their early teens.

Of course this becomes personal to Bonnie; how it couldn’t become personal to any woman, and parent. This is the kind of story that puts parents aware of the dangers kids run in the actual cities everywhere in the world.

Along my reading, I came to a point where I was glad to meet again Raymond, the strange and decisive character in Children of the enemy. Hey! I won’t tell you what he is doing there, I want you to read and enjoy both books, “Children of the Enemy” and “The Death of Anyone”.

We sometimes read crime stories, or we even watch crime series and the cops seem to be far of having a normal human’s life. DJ has the ability of showing them as humans, with a private life, and feelings. DJ shows us what they are feeling and thinking as they speak or shoot.

DJ shows the feelings of a woman that beyond being part of the justice system is a mother and the way she feels about the murders when she is personally affected.

The Death of Anyone is an amazing story, maybe too close to reality, the private life of a police woman, in parallel with her development as a cop. We can share with her, her happy and sad moments, her strengths and weaknesses. How she feels facing the serial killer case. The end of the story is the one that the reader doesn’t expect. My recommendation is: Read it and find out!

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