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After ten years Maggie Elizabeth Harrington and Tommy Stetter had their adventure raising a pack of little wolves and running away from home together; Maggie is feeling restless, she had not seen Tommie since then, when his father sent him far away. She was told he would be back in two years, but ten years passed by before Tommie put a foot back home.

“Alpha Wolves” is Maggie Elizabeth Harrington’s” sequel. Maggie and Tommie were thirteen when they ran away with the wolves. Now they are adults, but the first love is always there… Maggie’s heart jumps as she thinks about seeing Tommie again.

Maggie was a sweet and innocent girl in “Maggie Elizabeth Harrington”, DJ is a gifted writer with the ability to build up a complete and complex character who holds feelings, and I would even say ‘a soul’.

In “Alpha Wolves” Maggie is the same sweet girl, she is still innocent.

Her childhood love is Tommie, but there is Jeremy, a good young man who loves and willing to build up a family with her. Jeremy is a reality, Tommie is a dream.

At this point, Maggie had to make a decision about her future life, this is a definite decision that may lead her to happiness or loneliness and sorrow. Presented in this way, the answer looks more than obvious. But when feelings are involved pragmatism could vanish.

Chapter by chapter, Maggie herself is the storyteller, and a great one indeed. Scenes are so vivid, that you as the reader can even see them. DJ transmitted the inner feelings and thoughts of each character; like when Revered White goes to Maggie’s place to seed the guilt in her soul. Love has become a sin. What a contradiction with what this Reverend used to preach at the church.

How bad is it to live loving two men? How may a woman be judged and even punished for loving maybe more than expected? How cruel can a community become when they give this a tag of sin?

“Tommie is my despair, Jeremy is my hope.” These are Maggie’s words.

Now, did you know that Maggie Elizabeth Harrington is not a character but a real person? Yes, Maggie lived in Central Mine, north Michigan in the 1800s. DJ has written down a novel about this mysterious woman who lived in Central Mine and died by herself in which was considered a ghost town.

At the end of Alpha Wolves, Maggie is still a young woman, so I guess we will have the opportunity to enjoy a third book about Maggie Elizabeth Harrington.

Enjoy Alpha Wolves, you can’t miss it, and now that Christmas is coming, this may be a great gift for anyone you , my dear reader, love. Have you ever think about giving an eBook to your friends an relatives out of your city or country?

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