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By Monica Paul, Magic Masterminds

From Magic Masterminds Magazine

Monica PaulI remember when I was a little girl, and later when I was not so little, but a teen, there were books I loved to read again and again, I never got tired of reading them. And now that I am in my fifties, I still enjoy. One of them is “Sophie’s Misfortunes” written by the Comtesse de Segur. The story of  mischievous little girl who liked to be in trouble. I remember how delightful it was to read ll the adventure of Sophie de Rean, this French girl with a wild imagination and creativity.

Another one of the favorites was a book about a boy, a teenager who was learning to love, this love that comes when we start changing; this love that is still innocent but makes us tremble when our love touches our hand. I don’t remember the title of this book, but it was also an old one.

Ann Frank diary is another touching and impressive book, the shocking story of this girl is unforgettable.

Little Women is a book that I read many times, I also watched the movie, but it was never like reading the book. And finally, I series of stories from the Grimm Brothers including Rapunzel and the Little Mermaid just to mention a couple.

All these are classic books that are unforgettable and the kind of books that grow with us. Let me tell you, my dear reader, that I have found a book with this same characteristics, a book that I have read twice already and that I would gladly give to every teen girl. This book tells the story of a thirteen years old girl in the 1800s; and even though where we can find out that when we grow up the same pure and innocent love feelings prevail.

This is the story of Maggie Elizabeth Harrington, a girl who cares about what happens around her, a girl who does what she has to do to protect little animals, even if they are a pack of wolves. She would do whatever she ha to do for them. And in saving them she finds her first love.

I invite you to read this book “Maggie Elizabeth Harrington” from DJ Swykert, share it with your kids.

Maggie Elizabeth Harrington is a girl in her early thirteens who lives with her father and grandmother near Central Mine, North Michigan. Her mother died when she was a little girl, and even though the old woman gives her all her love and care, Maggie Elizabeth is coming to that age when girls need a mother. When questions about new feelings and thoughts that crosses her mind and heart.

This is a book that I put in the same level with “Sophie’s Misfortunes” and “Little Woman”. And the only thing I can add is: “Thank you! DJ Swykert for this awesome book.I encourage you, my dear readers, to enjoy “Maggie Elizabeth Harrington” from DJ Swykert. It is a book that will never disappoint you. You can get it in DJ Swykert’s website

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