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A couple of months ago, Matt Mullenweg, creator of the WordPress Platform stated that almost 20% of the websites worldwide were running in WordPress. And this is a trend that continues growing exponentially.

The reason is quite simple; it’s a friendly platform for users whether they are working on a simple blog or a complete website. Take a look at this Infographic.



A lot of WordPress growth is centered around its mobile apps., it’s undeniable that to Authors this is a key feature, since the eBooks are becoming more popular by day; same as the purchases done from the mobiles.

If we take a look from the developers perspective, it is easier to give a better service to clients when providing a WordPress based website and Blog that can be easily managed and updated. Authors aren’t developers, so they expect and deserve a friendly platform where they can easily blog and that is integrated with their social media.

WordPress allows developers to deliver to their Author clients a website with a blog they can easily manage. It also works seamlessly with the searching engines, which is a key plus in this Mobile Era.

Just take a look at these infographics provided by Elegant Themes and WordPress itself.


Google Search Popularity for WordPress Over the Past Decade

WordPress Trends Infographic

Analyzing The Results

WordPress Alone

Since 2004, there has been steady growth in searches for WordPress. We can only predict that this will continue to rise as WordPress advances as a CMS and Application Platform.

Templates vs. Themes

In October 2007, search relevancy for WordPress Theme surpassed that of Website Template from an extreme increase in WordPress themes being developed, making web templates a thing of the past.

The CMS Race

Comparing WordPress to other top CMS’s such as Drupal and Joomla, makes WordPress a clear winner. In September 2009, searches for Drupal and Joomla climaxed, while WordPress continued to grow in popularity.

A Bright Future

An interesting comparison is between the search relevancy of Website and WordPress. Sometime in the near future, we may see these two search terms come close to one in the same.

*Infographic and Analisys Information provided by Elegant Themes.

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