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Monique Paul

Monique Paul


Today I woke up as I do every day, I got up and went to the Yoga wondering the class wasn’t too hard. Lately, I have been feeling a little tired. I think my body is asking for some rest from the gym, so I asked for the vacation fee this month, and I will go just fifteen days during November.

As you can see from the very beginning, this became a Special Day. My yoga class wasn’t that hard, and I have fifteen glorious days to rest from the intense physical activity. Fifteen days to stay longer in bed, and enjoy it!

Then once at home, and sitting in my chair, I turned my computer on and voila! A message from Judy, my beloved classmate in the Write Club; she asked me how I can change hats from technical writing to business person, and then a novelist.

I never thought about that! I just like to tell stories; the technical IT thing is my work. Thanks to Judy, I remembered that when I was about twelve, I was the one telling spooky stories to the little girls at home. How I loved to scared them! My mother would always send me to my bedroom. But that was the best part of Halloween. Not even going out to get candy was as fun as telling scary stories to the girls. I should have written all those stories, they usually just flowed. I’m so grateful for your question, Judy! You took me back in time, and I remember something that was nearly forgotten. Isn’t this a good reason to call this day a Special Day?

Then I joined my Write Club class. Awesome! Discovering my fears and how to overcome them… Fearless Me! Then “The Council of Elders” I immediately identified myself with the Storyteller. When I write IT stuff, I may be the Researcher and the Synthesizer, but how I love to tell stories!happy-hands

As a consequence of today’s class, I am teaming with Isaura to exchange feedback on our projects, and Lara shared her blog with me. Judy, Lara, Isaura, Pat, and Betsy became my friends on Facebook which make me feel honored, and like dancing!

And to add a cherry to this cake, Betsy shared with us an article: “12 Reasons Your Should Write Your Memoirs Anyway.” Yes, I’m definitely going to write my memoirs. This will be apart from April and I am sure this will help with my April Was Born in May novel.

And I haven’t mentioned that today I went to purchase the food and treats for my little Bruce, the kitten I adopted, and that will be home with me tomorrow. By the way, I need to get him some toys, ha, ha!

This Special Day isn’t over yet, but I want to publish it on my blog as it is right now, thanking life and the Universe for such a delightful and Special Day.




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