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By Monica Paul, Marcomtec Group


IT’s Moment to Shine – Success… Here We Go!

This is the IT’s area’s time to shine, this is when the CIO becomes the genius; his department is now a team of innovators, they’re able to drive your enterprise into the New Age.

BYOD gives IT a springboard to lead the New Age Company revolution, because once management and all other departments have understood the possibilities, they will come to the CIO and the IT area to develop and deploy multiple applications, big and small, as well as policies to become mobile. So the IT management needs to be prepared with a comprehensive mobility strategy and policy proposal, as well as an easy-to-use multi-platform enterprise application and integration tools, in addition to security, monitoring and management and enforcement systems.

We had a talk with three experts in networks and mobiles management, Gregg Lalle,Sales Manager, Worldwide Channels for LabTech Software (US), Luis Enrique Guillén, Director at GUIAR, (Latin America) and Mark Charleton, Director 23689937in Blue Solutions, (UK); the three executives agreed that to be able to succeed in creating a New Age Company, the CIO should always remember to take into account the following key considerations:

  • Start working on that mobile policy at once. The IT area may need to evaluate different software tools and even some new providers; it’s about time to move forward.
  • The CIO should generate cross-functional buy-in and work groups among the IT team.
  • The tasks should be broken down into small chunks that may be worked on simultaneously by the work groups.
  • Always prioritize, prioritize… Prioritize!
  • Evaluate Multi-Platform Enterprise Application Development Solutions and then choose the one that will enable the team to easily develop and deploy many applications to many different devices and operating systems.
  • An integration solution that easily connects with the Multi-Platform Enterprise Application Development solution will be needed. One that provides certified connectors to the leading enterprise systems. There are several in the market including SAP, Oracle, or IBM ones so you team can create secure, accurate and scalable mobile applications based on integrated systems.
  • It’s about time to start, build up a small but very visible app. One the team can deliver fast. It should look sexy and tempting for users. This is a ‘must’, applications must look nice always! The users will feel comfortable and even happy using them.
  • Your applications should have at least partial native functionality so that they are intuitive to use and make the best use of embedded device capabilities such as the camera, the address book, and geo-location to avoid IT being hammered by complaints and support calls.
  • Start evaluating and considering a Remote Monitoring and Mobile Device Management solution in parallel with your discussion on mobile policy to determine what capabilities you require.
  • Research virtualization and sandbox features that let you segregate enterprise and personal data so they can be managed separately. Remember that employees are also concerned that their personal privacy is respected when devices are shared.
  • Take a look at mobile policy templates, such as those provided by “The Enterprise Mobility Foundation”. They can be a good place to start and then customize.

Carpe Diem…

Seize the Day—If you don’t get started today, your company will to fall behind and so will your career. There is nothing worse than working for a stodgy old-school company with nothing exciting to highlight or add to your resume. While IT has traditionally been a service organization within the enterprise, BYOD gives you the opportunity to build new leadership skills, learn how to create consensus, and dive into new technologies.

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