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Monique Paul

Monique Paul


I am sure you have more than one desire. We are human; we want things whether they are physical –a better health, more money, a bigger home, a new car– or emotional –a partner in life, be healthier, calmer.

One thing is for sure; we have permission to have all kind of wishes.

Furthermore, our desires don’t have to be just wishful thinking; we can materialize them. We can fast track our way to success!




Let’s keep it real; you can’t wish to have the “Back to the Future” car and expect it to appear parked at your door. That’s not going to happen.

But what about wishing the satisfaction of that new position or project. The desire to live a better life, to reach awareness, to feel fulfilled with new activities, to find your purpose and flow with it to the life of your dreams; to live your dharma.

Your intention is never hurting others, on the contrary, it brings positiveness. Like an author who writes inspired by the readers, this author’s intention is to entertain and take a message of love and fun.

There are many ways to materialize your dreams, but there is one way to accelerate them into the real world.


Gratitude is the most powerful tool of manifestation. Be grateful for all the abundance that nature freely provides including your desires.

Seed faith, and hope to be thankful even before you have any physical evidence of your desire before you. Activate gratefulness to move through life towards your desires smoothly and effortlessly.

I warranty you that the practice of gratitude over time will make you experience all sort of good things happening around you, including success, prosperity, and wellbeing flow into your life—almost like magic. Let gratitude be your guide to all things you desire.






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