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Monique Paul

Monique Paul


In these days, I have seen children crying; some them because they are afraid of being deported or separated from their families. Some others suffer because they are bullying victims.

They are kids, most of them find it very hard to understand why all this is happening. Why the boys and girls that used to be their friends are now insulting them? Why the people in the streets are yelling and fighting? America used to be a great place to live. America used to be great; the country of the opportunities where the American dream would always crystallize. What happened?

Children aren’t responsible, they shouldn’t be living the consequences of the adults’ mistakes.
When I was little, I grew up in what I call a dysfunctional family; my mother would tell me all my friends had to be white, and Catholic; she would see people with different skin color and culture as inferior human beings. She was always acting her role of the perfect wife, and the perfect mother in a perfect family. The people’s opinion was the most important to her. How wrong she was…

I didn’t understand then, and I don’t get it now. My mother was so blind that she never saw the light within me, her daughter; she even denied it. She tried to turn it off. Fortunately, she failed.

When I see people, I see souls; I see light bulbs; some of them are on, and with a bright light that illuminates the world. All living things have a soul and a bright light within.

Sadly, some light bulbs are damaged and unable to give light or anything but darkness. We throw damaged light bulbs to waste basket, don’t we?

Children are 1000 watts light bulbs always turned on, and as grown-ups, we are responsible for making sure they always shine. If you are reading this post, please take care of the children’s light, don’t seed hatred; seed love instead. Make them shine brighter. How do you feel when you see a kid playing and smiling?18mnquyoxw858jpg

Children’s souls are pure, their essence is love, they are love. Encourage this love. Parents and teachers, take a look within. What are you teaching with your attitude towards others? At the grocery store, when you see the news; your children are always looking at you, imitating you, perceiving your inner world, and ultimately learning from you. Please teach love and respect to others.

Remember this, Christmas is around the corner. The most beautiful Christmas trees and decorations have lights of many colors. They are a rainbow of light within the season of love. All the colors are needed the same to make the trees show their beauty to the most. Diversity enhances the beauty.

Let’s make America be like a Christmas tree, let’s go further and make the whole world be like a Christmas tree where regardless of their color, all the lights shine in harmony within a life-long season of love.



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