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Monique Paul

Monique Paul


Do you know what this Mindfulness Movement is all about?

Let me explain what it means to me…

It is a movement launched my friends from Jiyo, a unique social media platform. The only one building a real wellbeing community where people can be in touch with experts and benefit from valuable daily advice.

I can’t do anything but love this movement. Learning mindfulness means to change, thrive, love, and enjoy a better life; said in one word: evolution.


Like many others, I’ve had ups and downs; sometimes I’ve surrounded myself with the wrong people. I’ve lived in stress and anxiety. I’ve blamed the air for the bad things that have happened to me. Fortunately, that is past, gone!

This kind of stress can kill you! Did you know that?

I still feel the contraction in my body when I remember this.

So. Change or Die?

Of course, CHANGE!

I am the most fortunate! I fell in the hands of the most respected experts: Dr. Deepak Chopra and Martha Beck. It is an explosive combination, you know?

An incredible life journey started. I learned mindfulness.

So, who control’s the drive wheel?

Reactive against Proactive

It is what being mindful is. Mindfulness means to be in control of the driver’s wheel of your life.

Go figure… Something as simple as taking a shower or watering your plants. What are these activities like when you focus on enjoying what you are doing? You can see the water falling onto the soil; you can enjoy the smell the wet soil, feel the freshness of the water; you can even talk to your plant, and believe me, they hear.

Living mindfully helps you to identify those imprints from the past that you want to change. Do you sabotage yourself when landing a contract, or trying to get a better job? It is when you know your patience and kindness means a life difference to someone close to you.
Being mindful gives a whole scope of life. Now, I can be deeply grateful for the abundance of money I have to pay all my bills, as well as for everything I want. Further, I am deeply grateful for everything that comes to me every day.

I can choose to have the best things of life; I can choose to be loving and caring. It’s my life, my choice.

All the amazing things I saw happening to others now happen to me.

I can choose to be energetic and balanced; to have equanimity, calm, focus, patience, compassion… You name it.

Being mindful means, you have found that wonderful being that lives inside you. It means that you can let your true-self free to guide you to your life purpose and help you on your path. Then, your creativity shifts because you live in peace.

Amazing, even magical things happen to you, to me, to everyone. Remember, no matter what you want; when you ask for it in harmony, the answer is Yes to that, or Yes to something even better.

What would you do if you knew that the entire Universe supports you?

The Mindfulness Movement: Join us in creating the DEFINITIVE mindfulness documentary to build a more joyful world!



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