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We all live our life in a community with other people, we share spaces, ideas, activities, etc. Why not making them happy events? It takes just small acts of kindness to make this life light and happy, so if today you are having a meeting why not ordering your colleagues favorite coffee for a start? That can make a big difference in everyone’s day and in the meeting outcome as well.

I read in Mashable a list of things that make life happy, so I decided to ask my coworkers and clients about what would make their days brighter, and how they would make others’ days brighter.

Leaders found this topic especially interesting, they were really willing to know what their teams had to say. This could turn into an intern communication initiative based in the foundation that a happy worker developing in a laughterharmonious
team gives better results.

Is this marketing? Of course, it is! This is part of the intern communication strategy in any company. But you will also feel the happiness of making someone smile!

Here I share with you some of the things that make people happy, I am sure we all together can make it longer. So here is what, according to colleagues and clients; may turn their day into a brighter productive one:

  1. Receive the perfect viral video.
  2. Give your tissue box when someone has a cold.
  3. Swipe your Metro Card for someone when the train is arriving at the station.
  4. Post a nice photo on Instagram.
  5. Buy him/her a beer at the bar after work.
  6. Invite him/her a coffee.
  7. Know your coworkers’ coffee preferences.
  8. Bring in metal communal utensils so none of your employees need to use plastic ones.
  9. Bring in lunch for your favorite coworker.
  10. Mail someone a handwritten letter.
  11. Reach out to an old friend on Facebook.
  12. Have a meaningful conversation about his/her personal issues.
  13. Ask a stranger where she got her awesome, printed pants.
  14. Give someone a Band-Aid when having blisters from new work shoes.
  15. Bring a box of doughnuts for the meeting.
  16. Come see his improvised show, even if he’s terrible.
  17. Go out with someone to see his/her favorite band.
  18. Help someone taking the copies for the director’s meeting.
  19. Let your employee know she’s doing a great job at work.
  20. Leave a perfectly worded comment joke on his/her profile picture.
  21. Send chicken soup or a pizza to someone who is sick at home.
  22. Share your umbrella with a stranger when it’s pouring at the bus stop.
  23. Remember your coworker’s birthday, take a cake.
  24. Call someone just to say hi.
  25. Leave a nice note on his/her desk about a work well done.
  26. Bake cookies and take them to the office in Christmas.
  27. Remember who drinks coffee and who drinks tea.
  28. Help with one of his/her assignments when he/she’s overloaded at work.

These are just a few suggestions from people here and there in my office and my client’s offices. One thing I noticed is that everyone took the question in a very positive way, it was like giving a girl her favorite candy. The simple fact of asking this made a difference in their day. So here you have something to think about if you are an entrepreneur or if you have daily communication with your clients.

If not, you may apply this at home, with you neighbors and family, after all sharing happiness is a gift we all have and we all can enjoy every single day of our lives. It is awesome how such a little thing may change someone’s day. What would make your day brighter?

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