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To some of you this may be a weird question, but do you know what happens when you share your happiness with the people around you?

It is this feeling that fills your heart and becomes like the water continuously poured into a glass until the water comes out of it and spreads around it. Just imagine one of those expansive clouds from a bomb. See this image in your mind, you are like a nuclear explosion, can you see the brightness? Instead of a cloud of smoke and deadly radiation, you have a cloud of bright love energy going up and syncing with the universe to then go down and spreads in a huge blast.

As this energy extends, it leaves blossoming flowers, a jasmine smell in the air and plenty of laughter in all the people that it touches. Smiles become contagious, and you can do is wish more of this to everyone, share your happiness with everyone.Pink Lotus flower seeds

Then a chain reaction is generated, others experiment the same explosion and blast and so on. Before you realize it, it has reached millions. The universe replies with more love and abundance. How do you want this love to express itself? Love comes to us in many ways… Health, family, friends, a partner, a better job, a new car, money… All these stuff are forms of love. The universe in an unbounded reservoir of abundance and it wants us to be happy, happiness nurtures our spirit.

Don’t be afraid of desiring whatever you want, as far as it nurtures your spirit and benefits the ones around you, it is right; you can manifest it. If you share it, then it multiplies.

Don’t think this is a complicated thing to do, you don’t need training or to study about it, you just need to wish it from your true self. Have you ever felt you have a little kid inside willing to be loved and play; that can be happy with little stuff such as a smile from someone or an ice-cream? This little girl inside of you is your true self; she is innocent and her intentions are always good. Trust her, and follow her. You won’t regret it. I tried and my life changed, it was like all pieces started falling into the right place, they are still doing this. Today I share with you my happiness and wish your wishes come true. 🙂

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