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Monique Paul

Monique Paul


A couple of weeks ago, I received an email from Martha Beck; it was about a writing course. A WRITING COURSE! Did you read that? Those two words are irresistible to me, writing is my dream, my passion and my goal in life. Writing is the way I express love, and I tell who I am. Writing is the tool my true-self uses to tell what sometimes I don’t dare to say.

The title of the email was “Write Club: Find Your {Unique} WHY & Claim Your Space as a Writer.” I clicked and read the Write Club course’s description word by word, slowly, carefully up to the end.

This wasn’t a coincidence, just after finishing The Quest course, right after Martha, herself told me in a call that I would have to take my notes and start writing because the Universe is supporting me!

That email was what I call a “Tiger-Tiger” situation. I learned that in an article from Martha Beck titled “How tiger-3dto Tell When the Universe Is Sending You Signs,” in short when the Universe sends you signs, my beloved reader, you start experiencing apparent coincidences, but if you look at them closely, you’ll see they are messages.

The Tiger -Tiger message from the Universe was loud and clear: “Take your notes and start writing, enroll in the Write Club, here you have two unique Master Coaches to learn what you need to know. Here you have Betsy Rapoport and Pam Slim, to help you.”

Wow! This was an honor and an opportunity I didn’t think I would have. I felt, and still feel I am a sniff distance from turning my ideas into stories that a large group of people would like to read. My dream is coming true!

So here I am. I enrolled in the Write Club, and I am in awe. I am more than happy and honored with being part of this wonderful group of writers.

The first class was fantastic! However, there was a concept that especially called my attention. Betsy and Pam will help me finding my voice. A good writer has a “Fresh and Original Voice.” The kind of voice that keeps the reader reading and wanting to read one more page. But how?

I like to be a story-teller and just be myself when telling my stories. I like to be natural and authentic, is this a fresh and original voice? I think I would have to ask Betsy and Pam… I’ll tell you when I get to know about this.

For now what I do know is that to me “writing is art, and art is the way love touches our senses.”



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